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More than a podcast

G’day Patriots is a podcast. In fact it’s the biglyest Australian podcast on US Politics, hosted by @jcnerd (James Cahill), @willozap  (Will Grant), @rodl (Rod Lamberts) and @cjjosh.
It’s produced in a bunker near the little Kaleen shops, with sound engineering by @creogg (Craig Greening).
Friend of the pod  Jon Kudelka provided our wonderful image.

This is our opportunity to share interesting news, background information and our thoughts that don’t fit into a podcast episode.

If you’re a regular listener to the podcast, please take the time to pop over to iTunes to rate and review us so more people can join with us as we work our way through the Trump presidency.

You can find us on Twitter @GdayPatriots – and we hang out there under the names above.

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