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G'day Patriots

Ep #144 Entering the Kinetic Phase

Senator Kamala Harris (2020 hopeful) questioning Attorney-General William Bar

Read the full letter from White House counsel Emmet Flood to Attorney-General William Barr

The statement signed by more than 400 former federal attorneys

Senator Michael Bennett announces he’s joining the Democrat’s 2020 field – making it 21 candidates for the primaries

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says she wants to publicly fund elections by giving voters $600 Democracy Dollars each

Florida lawmakers approve ‘school-safety’ bill that allows teachers to be armed

Handmaid’s Tale segment: Georgia Governor signs into law the ‘fetal heartbeat’ law regarding abortions


Ep #143 Bag of soil from Belarus

Since we recorded, the letter from Mueller to Barr has become available.

The audio book of The Mueller Report – what a great idea!

And speaking of letters, here’s Rod Rosenstein’s resignation letter to President Trump.

Joe Biden’s 2020 announcement video

Michigan congressional maps judgement 

Here’s the crazy story about Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen not telling President Trump about homeland security issues.

A handy-dandy guide to the 20 Democrat contenders for 2020 – and here’s one you can keep in your wallet.




Ep #142 Harm to ongoing matter

w/ cjjosh, James & Rod
It’s Mueller Time!! Someone in our merry band of idiots used up all the inkjet toner in the bunker to print the entire (redacted) report so we obvs had to take a squizz at that. In a truly surprising outcome , it doesn’t actually say there’s no collusion… but merely lays the groundwork for a roadmap to impeachment. Well who knew?

The full (redacted) Mueller Report is available here.

The wisdom of Rudy Giuliani on the Mueller report.

George Conway having a few words to say about his wife Kellyanne’s boss.





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